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Roswell Farmers Market


GA’s First 100% GMO Free Grocer and Organic Pre-order Café! We specialize in Local, Organic, Biodynamic produce, meats, seafood, and dairy.

REGISTER for your CSA Pick Up! Community Supported Agriculture. Local, Georgia and Border States. Stop by once a week and pick up your produce. Small, Medium, Large Boxes

CSF: Fresh Wild Caught Seafood from the Atlantic. Hook and Line Caught on Monday and Thursday. NO DIP NO Everfresh

Whole or Half Hog or Cow $6.25/ pound on hanging weight for Whole and $6.50/pound on Half + $75 processing fee

Poultry available Seasonally

Custom Pre-Order Organic Meals: All dietary needs, allergies, medical directed diets



By Appointment, Membership CSA Pick up


10 MONTH LONG TRADITIONAL COOKING SCHOOL STARTS TBA. 1 Weekend a month 930a – 5p Saturday & Sunday $2550.00 limited to 10 applicants

PRIVATE AND GROUP Cooking Classes, Date Night. Bridal Bootcamp, and many more!

Detox Program: Weight Loss, general well being, gut health, and more.  1 Month long. Meets Tuesday 730p-9P next session begins TBA $175


Stop by and shop for all of your eco-friendly, Organic, Biodynamic grocery needs! We make all of our: Breads, Sauces, Spice Blends, Desserts, Caramel and Chocolate Sauce, Pasta, Gluten free Pasta, Gluten Free Bread,  Ice Cream, and more!! All items can be pre-ordered via phone, email, or in store.

ORGANIC COFFEE/TEA/SMOOTHIE/ Cold Pressed JUICE BAR! ALL WATER IS ORGANIC COFFEEDOUBLE FILTERED TO REMOVE CHLORINE & FLUORIDE. Our Coffee is locally roasted in FLA & NC. I looked for the best roasters that have the same standards as I!

No time to shop ..No problem: Sign up for our Monthly CSA. We can run it out to your car!


Organic CSA veggies

Produce Box: Pay for the Month. Prices listed are / week: Small $25 Medium $35 Large $45 **You can add in store products and / or fresh meat. We customize Boxes in regards to your needs, allergies, and likes. Organic Produce and Dinner Boxes available.


CAtlantic wild ShrimpSF- FRESH SEAFOOD BUY IN: That’s right Seafood in land locked Atlanta! Our fresh wild seafood comes direct from the fisherman off the Atlantic Coast. No Trolling, NO DIP, NO Everfresh, all hatchery areas are avoided, and all “wild” farm areas are avoided. Fresh water and ice are all that is applied. Seafood can be preordered or inquire about our CSF (community supported Fishery). Our guys fish along the Atlantic Coast from just North of Virginia to North FLA. Shrimp, Clams, and Oysters are direct off the coast of South Carolina.

Organic School Lunch: Pick up the weeks meals for your child! Healthy Organic breakfast and lunch available for children in school! No more worries about whether your child is eating healthy or stressing about breakfast and lunch on an already tight schedule!

Weight Loss Program: Enjoy the benefits of being part of our Weight Loss Program. Schedule a consultation and begin your journey today.

—Education is key to the health of families, children and our future. Understanding what we eat, what we put into our bodies and how our food is grown is key to a healthy lifestyle. Spreading the word of what is really “organic” and what is healthy is our belief. We do not believe in selling anything that we would not feed to our children. We encourage you to be an advocate for your own health no matter if it is conventional or traditional treatments… Know your body. Just because it works for one person does not mean it will work or be positive for another. We are all different- Embrace yourself – Love yourself!

Organic Watermelon

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~ Hippocrates

I visit all of our farms and check soil, nutrient density, pesticide residue (to ensure clean food). All farms certified organic or not have to have BIODYNAMIC PRACTICES IN PLACE. Fresh, Organic / bio-dynamic, Local, Produce, Fruit, Meat, and Dairy that is Preservative free, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Steroid Free, Pasture raised, and GMO Free to your door. There will be several options from prepared meals, a la carte ordering, and weekly boxes based on your family size and dietary needs. Place your order and pick up direct at Roswell Farmers Market located conveniently in Historic Roswell, GA

We are a one stop shop for all of your Organic needs and Eco Friendly Products….Best Yet we will deliver to your door!

Local – Organic- Biodynamic-Sustainableroswellfrmersmarket.logo

Fresh Vegetables in 3 times a week! Local, Seasonal, Biodynamic, Organic . We source from several Local farms in GA. NC, SC, TN, AL, and FLA. Meats from GA, NC, TN, SC (SEAFOOD)!