Organic CSA

This is not your typical CSA box. We want to make sure you will eat all the produce in your box while enjoying a

Local biodynamic produce


CSA BOXES are customized to each individual or family. We make sure not to include any veggies or fruits that you are allergic to, avoiding, or just don’t like. While we take into account family size, variety, and if box is for cooking, raw diet, or juicing there is always a seasonal aspect to be considered. All veggies / produce in each box are organic (and beyond). Farms we source from are local, GA & Border states.

We visit each farm we source from to ensure they are growing according to our standards. Organic does not mean very much so we want to guarantee nutrient dense fresh produce. Our farms must grow according to biodynamic methods. We check the soil, check for pesticide residue, and make sure 100% GMO Free.

To sign up you will need to call first. This will allow us to determine your needs and start a profile for you and/or your family. Organic Add-ons: Prepared Meals, Local organic Dairy, Organic Condiments, Organic Gluten free Breads, Organic Local Cheese, Organic Nuts, and so much more!!


Delivery, Host Home, Host Business Pick Up! If interested in being a Host Home or Business give us a call!